Thursday, November 26, 2009


Haha! Sorry to all of you who thought that was an announcement! I just thought that I would blog the many things that I have been doing to prepare for the little bundle of joy! The projects that have taken the most time and effort have been the oodles of blankets I have made. I guess since I don't have a house to nest in I make lots of cozy blankets for our baby to nest in. It all started with a trip to california to pick up material to make these adorable little minky blankets, which I love and so will you. You'll want to hold our baby always!!

Then I ran out of the minky soft stuff and decided I would try my hand at crochet! So I went and bought some really cute flannel and got holes punched in it and learned from Aunt Mona how to crochet the edges. Which I love! I think it looks so adorable, it is however a lot of work!!!

Then as if these weren't enough! haha. I walked back into the fabric store and saw many more fabrics I fell in love with and need to have and to do something fabulous with. haha. So I borrowed my sister's sewing machine and sat down and sewed blanket after blanket. i just couldn't stop. I'm serious when I say this is my form of nesting. You know how girls go crazy cleaning and cleaning and cleaning! My husband thinks I'm crazy cause I've made blanket after blanket after blanket! Well here are the rest of the little beauties!

There they are my pregnancy projects!!! It has been so fun. And i figure I'm prepared for the next baby too!!

Provincial Champ!!!

For this blog I'm going to give a little shout out to my little Bro! Last week some of the family made the trek up to Edmonton to watch him, and our other little cousin Caleb, take the provincial title for a second year in a row! Our little Brother Austin played SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!, but I may be biased. haha. He got the first touchdown of the game, and tons of tackles. It was so fun to watch him play his final football game and to see him so happy. He is such a great kid, I guess not really a kid, but he continually amazes me. I have been lucky enough to live at my parents house for a few months and be able to spend time with him. He is a great example to me. He is counting down the months to when he gets to go on his mission, it's 15 months by the way, haha. I love ya Aussie and it's fun to watch you grow and mature in so many ways.