Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thomas and I go to CALI!

So this was the summer that we were able to rent the beach house in oxnard. So Thomas and I bought a fly and off we were to Cali. Sadly Luke wasn't able to come. Its really never the same without him. We were joined by Derek and Lindsay and their 2 kiddums, Ryan and Sara-Beth and there 5 kiddums and Dad, Karie, and Austin, and of course the Hunters were the gracious hosts. It was so so fun, as always. We spent the week at the beachhouse and did lots of hanging on the beach, shopping, and plenty of eating. It was great!

This is Ella and Kade feeding Thomas, he wasn't sure how he felt about it. He's border line going to cry. haha.

And Kade giving Thomas some snuggles at the Beach. Kade sure loves Thomas and Thomas sure loves Kade.
Thomas bundled up and having a snooze in the shade. haha. He can seriously sleep anywhere.
Grandma Karie and Thomas testing out the water. It was freezing in case you were wondering.
Haha. Trying to have a drink of soda!!!
Playing with Rosie. He loved playing with her.
More Thomas and Rose.
Thomas and Uncle Austin in Ojai after our big swimming day.
Thomas was super frustrated with the popsicle. He wanted to hold it, but it made his hands cold and it made him cry, but he didn't want me to hold it for him. haha. so stubborn so young.
He LOVES water. he sat in that swimming thing for so long. He just floated and splashed. So cute.
Grandpa Baldry's 60th birthday party and some of the grandkids their to celebrate it with him

The girls went to a play at the pantages. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called but it was really good.

Needless to say cali was awesome as always. We were able to stay and be there for Carson's baptism also. It was great. He is a great little boy. Such a good example to his friends and family. Thanks hunters again for another fabulous adventure. Thomas loves his time with his california cousins, and so do I.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girls Trip to Vancouver!

So one weekend in Nanaimo all us ladies decided we would walk onto the ferry and go tour around Vancouver. Well the day started a little slow. We aimed to get on the 830 Ferry, but were 2 minutes late so we had to wait until the 1030 ferry. haha. We started off great eh? haha. So we eventually boarded the ferry and kind of just hoped that everything would go good. And it did. We found the first bus that would take us down to Robson street and from then on it was a party!
This is Thomas and I on Robson Street! We finally made it! There is tons of good shopping. We didn't even touch the surface.
This is a crazy car. A man spent alot of his time decorating this fancy bug. There was everything you could imagin glued to this crazy thing. The man just sat behind us and listened to us admire his work of art. It was hilarious.

We found Stanley Park. It was beautiful. We loved it. Such a fun place. Wish I had more time to explore.
Thomas and I along the walkway.

And this is my little gaffer all tuckered out. haha. Isn't he the sweetest!!! I love this picture.