Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Finally!!! Our Canada Day! It was so awesome! As is every Canada Day. Ever since Karie came into our lives we've had a Canada Day breakfast. She always did it for all the Tollstrups, and for the last couple of years she has done it for whoever happens to find themselves on the Baldry's deck. Dad did great pancakes on his new grill! Thomas, Nash, and Drew enjoying the delicious pancakes. We love these little men so much. Every time Thomas sees them he tackles them, and Nash is so nice he lets him. haha. They have so much fun together.
And these smiling faces were a lovely surprise this year! Heidi is one of my closest and most favorite cousin's I just love her to bits, and she hasn't been able to come home for a couple of years for the first, so we were so excited to get to see Her and her cute family! Her kids are SOOOOO cute!
Thomas at the parade! this is seriously what he did the whole time. He did not move his bottom off that chair, which was actually a dream come true, and kind of a surprise. I thought he'd be all over the place. I don't think he was really very sure about the whole thing. I'm sure next year he'll have it all figured out.
Grandma and her band in the Parade! Ya She's hip! She's in a band! But seriously they are so good! I love hearing my grandma play! She is amazing!
Just a few of the reasons we are "Strong and Free." My grandpa Howard is the smiley man on the right and his best friend since they were kids is beside him in the middle. So cute. I love my grandpa, not just because he's my grandpa, but he's probably the kindest, nicest, most loving man I know.
Some of the little munchkins just enjoying all the loot they were getting.

The yearly end of parade picture! All the nieces and nephews after the big parade where they got way too much candy. It was so great this year Karie did Baldry shirts. They were so awesome. Karie is so awesome! She put the number on the back of the shirts of when you joined the family. So I was 7, Luke was 31, Thomas 36, Mackenna 37. Can you believe that! She is awesome! Can you also believe how huge our family is getting seriously. By october we'll have 39 in our family! Crazy!But we love it!

Isn't she the cutest canada day model ever!!!!! Seriously! Love her and her big smile! That Tatoo was cute at the time, but it wasn't very fun to take off. Just for future reference! haha.
Yes I do manage to get in a picture once in a while. Me and Sara enjoying the parade, and yes my hair is blonde, and I have since fixed it.
After the parade I went out to mountain view to enjoy their festivities with the Walburger's. It was fun. I had missed all the races and stuff, but we got to see all of our family and absolutely loved it. As sad as it is this is the only picture I got, but I just love it. These two little munchkins have so much fun. They just sit and laugh together. I love it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

June 30th

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Is he not hilarious! This was the result of me asking him to smile for the camera. 3 priceless shots!

For the last couple of years my aunt has booked the Magrath waterslide for all the Hicken's to enjoy and enjoy they did. While last year was way hotter, the kids still had tons of fun. Not to many of the adults jumped in to their suits, it was just a little too chilly. And Thomas he went twice and after a face plant and a whole lot of water he decided it was just as fun to run beside the slide, and less cold. haha. It was so fun. Just one of the loads of parties we were able to have while we went home for Canada Day!