Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Auntie Brett came for a visit!

For the next 4 months Luke, Thomas and I live in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. We live in Nanaimo, BC. And we were lucky enough to have aunt Brett drive me and Thomas out here and they she stayed for the week. And these are just a few of the many amazing things we got to see while she was here.
This was a place called Little Qualicum Falls! The first is the lower and the next is the upper falls. They were amazing. The hike was so fun and Thomas has been loving all of the fresh air.

Aren't they MASSIVE! I mean I know their no Niagra, but they beautiful!
Thomas just enjoying every minute of it! Isn't he the cutest!

Here is us in Tofino! It apparently rains there a lot! I have since received a fabulous rain jacket from my wonderful husband. Here is us were the transcanada ends.... we think.
Me and Brett ran out to an island that was for sale incase there are any takers out there. This beach was called chesterman and it had waves coming in on both sides of the beach. Crazy. How often do you see something like that.

This was Amonite Falls. Don't ask us how we got there, we were going in circles. It is supposedly a 20 minute hike it took us like 4 hours. haha. Good thing we have oodles of time here.

This is on the drive out we found the langley temple and went for a visit. They had beautiful tulips all over. It was gorgeous. Everything about bc is just amazing. I love this place.
Thomas having so much fun with his aunt Brett!
That was all the stuff we saw in just one week. Since me and the other wives have seen tons of other amazing place. I hope I entice you all to come out for a visit!
My Little Cowboy!!!!
I love this little man!!! He is about the cutest thing. I know I say that ever blog, but I just can't get enough of him. He is growing so fast!!! He is just about 6 months and is so advanced!!! haha. He is jumping like crazy, any chance he can get. He is sitting up. He is still a little tipsy, but can sit and play with toys! He still hates his car seat. Actually I think it's getting worse sadly! He grins the biggest grin everytime I walk towards him, and he is beginning to hold his arms out for me to pick him up. He still laughs the hardest at his dad! He just loves that man, as do I!!! He loves to snuggle with us in the morning! He'll play for about 20 minutes then fall back asleep with us allowing for a couple extra minutes of sleep. He is starting to realize that being awake is way more fun then being asleep! He fights sleeping! But once he's sleeping I could just stare at him all night. He is still so precious! I just love him so much. I love being a mom! Especially to my most handsome little cowboy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lots of Love on Mothers Day!

Well today is one of those bittersweet days! I love mothers day cause it's a day to think of my mother and all she taught us and how much she loves us, but it's also a hard day because I think of the loss of my mother, and that I don't have her here to teach me and to love me! But today I've been making the sweet out weigh the bitter. I Love my mom. I Love her for raising eight kids and showing us all unconditional love. I Love her for showing us what Love is! I Love her for the countless hours she put towards helping me with homework. I Love her for making me delicious breakfast, even if I didn't always eat them. I Love her for always having a warm homecooked meal on the table. I Love her for teaching me the importance of keeping family together! I love her for her genuine kindness, and her unconditional love! I Love her for teaching me to appreciate being outdoors and her love for hiking, everytime I go for a hike I think of her in her red shorts with her damp bandana! I Love her bright blue eyes! And her beautiful warm smile! I love her voice! I Love knowing that she is right her beside me helping me along my own road of motherhood! I hope I can grow to be a mother with the qualities she had! I love you mom!

I have been blessed with so many other sweet moms in my life. I am so grateful for mama Walburger! I'm so grateful for the wonderful woman she is, and for the wonderful family she raised. I love the Walburger's! I love being surrounded by so much love. Gary and Shellee have raised 5 amazing children and showed them how to love! I'm especially grateful for the values they taught Luke. They taught him how to work, how to serve, and especially how to Love.

I have also been blessed with Grandma Karie! I'm so grateful we have her in our life! I'm grateful for the happieness she brings to my dad, and to us! It's fun to see her with all the grandchildren. She was blessed with 18 instant grandchildren and she loves them all unconditionally! And they love her!

I could go on and on about the mothers in my life. I have 4 beautiful amazing sisters and 6 beautiful amazing sil's that when I needed my mom the most they stepped up and took the stress of planning a wedding alone off of my shoulders, and made a beautiful day for Luke and I. I have wonderful aunts that are always there for us when we need them. I have 2 amazing grandmas and Luke had 2 amazing grandmas that are and were so supportive in everything we did. Any sporting event, they'd be there. I guess it all boils down to me remembering the sweet! Remembering the wonderful Mothers in my life and their wonderful examples! I love you all!