Tuesday, October 30, 2012

newfoundland may 2012

So this summer we were lucky enough to be able to move to St John's newfoundland, and let me tell you it was AMAZING!!! I have never had a huge desire to travel to the East Coast of Canada, but I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful place Newfoundland is, and the awesome people that live there.

This picture was from the first day. Me and the kids went exploring while luke went and did some work stuff, and I was amazed. This is from the top of signal hill. From what I understand Signal hill was a lot of things. There were lots of remants from wars which were really cool, and it also had a big tower at the top where the first telephone signal from st johns to ireland was discovered. 

 We went for a little hike mackenna in my Ergo carrier and thomas walking and I wished I had gotten a picture of the stairs we had to climb, but there was a ton!! People kept wondering if I had lost my marbles, but Thomas was loving the hike around and I was too.....until we lost the car keys. We had started hiking back up and I realized half way up that I had lost the keys and had to hike back down. The nicest lady from Quebec helped me look around for about 45min. Then right as I was about to call luke to my rescue he called me and said a man was waiting at the top with the keys so hurry to the top!!!! hahahahahaha. Seriously I'm talking hundreds of stairs straight up!! So I hurried as fast as my little legs would go and ended up carrying both the munchkins for the majority of it. It was an interesting first adventure for us!! haha. But worth the view!

 We lived right downtown and in may it was kind of a ghost town so I was able to get some pretty cool pictures of the old buildings.
 We got to see an iceberg! Crazy! There were lots out a ways, but this was the first we got see one close. I guess thrill seekers go climb around on them.....we just weren't feeling crazy that day I guess!! haha.
 Quidi Vidi village It was such a cute little place. Seriously a piece of heaven.
 Some of the crazy color houses. It was one of my favorite things about living downtown was to walk around and see all of the houses. It made me want to paint my house yellow or aqua!
 St Patricks church was right behind our house. Such a beautiful old church.
 The ducks at Bowring park. WE LOVED this place. We went there at least 3 times a week if not everyday. It was a beautiful park with lots to do and my kids and I could spend the whole day there.
 The Bevans' finally got here and it was the best part of our summer. MY kids sure loved having them around and I loved getting to know them better and loving each and every one of their personalities. They are such fun little boys!
 The beautiful Tulips at the park, my kids of course had to pick a few. Little stinkers!
 Swimming at Topsail Beach we loved it! Well I never got in, but the kids sure loved it.
 Costco did face painting and Thomas was my ferocious lion! He loved it hasn't stopped growling since.
 The 3 loves of my life!

 My little duck whisperer! When it was cold and we had duck food every duck in the pond would flock to us. It was my kids favorite thing to do by far!!! Every day Thomas would ask to feed the ducks.
 Hahahahahah. Seriously the cutest little girl EVER!! I sure love her and all her spunky personality!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Baby turned 1............. 2months ago!! haha, but I just couldn't not post about my little darling. 

This is her enjoying a cake pop...... she wouldn't touch the cake!!! Can you believe it! She wouldn't dig into this beauty!!!

Well, I can't blame her. She may or may not have touched the flame!! Aren't I the mother of the year. I put my one year old in front of an open flame and should I be surprised she went straight for it. Needless to say. That was the last she touched the cake. I may have traumatized her for life. 
Other than that slight mishap she had so much fun. We had lots of family and tons of food. And thanks to her daddy she had balloons and cotton candy. What princess wouldn't want that at her birthday party!!!!

You have always been a little busy body, and you are getting even busier. I can hardly keep up with you and your brother. You two love each other and are pretty good together. Thomas teaches you all sorts of tricks. He makes you his wrestling partner, and you mostly like it. Except when the big lug lays on you and you can't get up. You follow him around all over and you love him to bits, and I think he feels the same way. We love your smiling face so much. You are quite a happy little girl. Your starting to figure out how to make us laugh. right now you think its pretty funny to bonk your head and look at daddy and wait for him to laugh. You do it most mornings lately. It's pretty cute. You are pretty stubborn and you won't back down from a fight. Which is good and bad I guess. I hope you always keep your strong personality and use if for good. You are now walking everywhere. Which is awesome! I love walking babies. When we go on walks now you want to walk right beside us, which I love.. cause your always wanting to get out of the stroller and now you can at least keep up. I love you and your busy little body and feel so blessed to be your mom. I hope I can teach you all the things that are right and to be a strong daughter or God. You have lots of people around you that love you so much. Especially your daddy, mommy, and brother.... And your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins think your pretty special too. I love you Mackenna!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hollywood Half Marathon!

I had been telling my Hubby for a few months that i needed to start running, but I needed a race to motivate me. My Husband being the wonderful man he is found this fun race in Hollywood. We started training I think in February and the race was Apr 7, and I hadn't been running AT ALL! So i was super nervous about training. I knew I could cross the finish line....... I just didn't want to be last. And Thanks so my awesome hubby, and a few weekends Brett's awesome hubby, we were able to train and feel pretty good at the end of it all. Me and Brett were both pleasantly surprised how good we felt.

 Race day was a GONG show!! As most race mornings are. We had opted out of staying at a hotel, because it was only a 40 minute drive from my sisters, but we were not expecting the crowd that showed up for the race. We got to the general area an hour before the race and ended up starting the race 20 minutes late. The race was supposed to be capped at 5000 people and we found out after that there was 10000 people doing the race. IT WAS CRAZY!!! So many people. They actually ran out of cups at mile 7 so we would just cup our hands and they would pour the water in. It was pretty funny. Minus the few little quirks the race was so fun! We loved it! I loved being able to run the race with Brett! She is a fun running partner. We popped in our headphones and listened to our awesome Rock my run mixes and encouraged each other every mile. And we have about the same pace so it works really good.  And the best part was my handsome hubby and 2 beautiful children waiting at the finish line!!
They even pulled out the red carpet for us!!
        Even though we were 20 minutes starting we had to get a picture!!! Too bad it's so dark.
                                                       And yes Elvis ran the race!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Family trip to Waterton

This fall our little family took a trip to beautiful Waterton Lakes and it was so nice!!! It was pretty quiet as it always is when the summer season is over, but we went and played at the park, which is a great little park, then went on a little walk to get a few pics of my favorite people!
Mackie and Daddy
Tommy and Mackenna
The girls
My rock throwing boy
My happiest little girl
And the best we could get. A random walker by took this for us. Not bad!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

South Castle

This summer we were lucky enough to come home and be able to go camping with Luke's family. It was so fun. It was real live camping. We squished our little family of 4 into a little tent made for two and it was COZY!!! haha, we have since bought one much bigger so we can sleep a little better, and a little warmer. But it was gorgeous up there. The days were still super warm so there was lots of swimming, fishing, horse riding, quading, and sitting around warm fires! I decided after this camping trip that Luke's family knows how to survive in the wilderness. And we didn't just survive we dined like kings!!! Seriously awesome.

Here's what these kids loved to do! Every morning the adults would graze the horses and soon enough these adorable little faces would show up for a ride! It was adorable. Thomas didn't understand that the horse would actually kick him. We spent a lot of the time chasing him away from the horses.
Every morning we would sit by a warm fire and have a delicious breakfast. Mackenna didn't have much for warm stuff, this is the best we had and the mornings were pretty cold too. But look how happy she is!!!! This is Mackenna with Grandma W......They are twins!!! Mackenna is lucky enough to be beautiful like her grandma!!! It's adorable. Everything about her looks just like Shellee! It's more apparent when mackenna is grinning too!!
Oh and Tommy just loving the pup! This pup was very patient with Thomas. He could wrestle around with him and he didn't bite him surprisingly! Seriously don't you think he needs a dog?!!!!!! He loves dogs! It's so fun! But this little family just might not be ready for another baby to take care of!!!
There was lots and lots of this!! Husbands picking up their wives, and whoever else was close, and dunking them in the FREEZING cold river water!!! It was so cold. Take your breath away cold!!! But it made the day pretty exciting!!! This was Justin and Janelle.
This was me and my loving husband after he had tossed me into the freezing river! I did put up a good fight, but he's pretty strong!!!
Tommy loved the river and throwing rocks in the river. If I couldn't find him he was either at the river or with the horses. Two very safe places for a toddler to be!
And fishing! The boys fished for hours. They got lots of big ones. This was the one they had fished for for quite some time. Briggs was pretty excited about it!!!
The adults did get to go horseback riding up to Grizzley lake too. I don't have any pictures for some reason. I guess I'll have to find some. But it was great. We spend the day fishing or just laying in the sun staying warm. Thanks to GRandma and Grandpa for watching all of the kids so we could go.

So there you have it. My first real camping trip with the Walburger's. And it was so fun. We loved it. The sleeping arrangements could use some improvement, but all in all it was so great.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baldry's do Banff!

After a Crazy July 1st. The Baldry's loaded up and went to see the beautiful sights of Banff. It was my first time ever visiting Banff, and it did not disappoint! It is gorgeous!

We were a bit of a gong show! We decided that we would eat our Taco in a bag outside the fanciest hotel in Lake Louise. But dinner was delicious and the kiddos had fun and that is all that matters.
The beautiful lake louise! So gorgeous.
I think this is Johnson Canyon. I can't remember. But another beautiful place near lake louise.
Grandma Karie and Grandpa B

We went swimming at the Banff Springs Hotel. It was so fun. And warm. Thomas and Claire loving every minute of it.
Kade telling Thomas a great story I'm sure!
Nash loving Mackenna! Is going to be such a good big brother!
Margaret wanted to wear my sun hat she thought it was so cute. I just love her. She is the cutest. The hat looks way cuter on her for sure!!!!
Banff was so fun. We camped in the Turtle mountain campground. And I can't even say i did camping. Me and the kiddo's stayed in Shawn and Brett's Trailer. It was so great. WE spent the days enjoying all the beautiful scenery of Banff and the nights staying warm by the campfire. Ryan told us a few riddles of course, and we had hot dogs, and smores and all the things not good for you, but it was so fun. I love my family. And I hope we are able to do more trips like this one!

Cute Cousins!

This is the updated this summer picture of the Baldry grandkids! And yes there is already one more! It is so fun! I'm so glad Thomas and Mackenna are blessed to have so many wonderful cousins. They are lucky to have great cousins on both mine and Luke's sides of the family! I think when we first took this picture 3 years ago there was 15 grandkids now there are 21 with 2 more on the way! I have a feeling there grandma is sending them down in large batches!! haha.