Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Baby turned 1............. 2months ago!! haha, but I just couldn't not post about my little darling. 

This is her enjoying a cake pop...... she wouldn't touch the cake!!! Can you believe it! She wouldn't dig into this beauty!!!

Well, I can't blame her. She may or may not have touched the flame!! Aren't I the mother of the year. I put my one year old in front of an open flame and should I be surprised she went straight for it. Needless to say. That was the last she touched the cake. I may have traumatized her for life. 
Other than that slight mishap she had so much fun. We had lots of family and tons of food. And thanks to her daddy she had balloons and cotton candy. What princess wouldn't want that at her birthday party!!!!

You have always been a little busy body, and you are getting even busier. I can hardly keep up with you and your brother. You two love each other and are pretty good together. Thomas teaches you all sorts of tricks. He makes you his wrestling partner, and you mostly like it. Except when the big lug lays on you and you can't get up. You follow him around all over and you love him to bits, and I think he feels the same way. We love your smiling face so much. You are quite a happy little girl. Your starting to figure out how to make us laugh. right now you think its pretty funny to bonk your head and look at daddy and wait for him to laugh. You do it most mornings lately. It's pretty cute. You are pretty stubborn and you won't back down from a fight. Which is good and bad I guess. I hope you always keep your strong personality and use if for good. You are now walking everywhere. Which is awesome! I love walking babies. When we go on walks now you want to walk right beside us, which I love.. cause your always wanting to get out of the stroller and now you can at least keep up. I love you and your busy little body and feel so blessed to be your mom. I hope I can teach you all the things that are right and to be a strong daughter or God. You have lots of people around you that love you so much. Especially your daddy, mommy, and brother.... And your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins think your pretty special too. I love you Mackenna!