Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thomas' first Round-Up

This is one of my favorite things that luke and his family do. I love the Round-Up. A bunch of ranches in and around mountain view put all of their cows in the community pasture to graze then at the end of summer and the cowboys and cowgirls get on their horses bright and early in the morning and round up all the cows in the pasture. It's a 3 day event. Last year I was sad cause i was too pregnant to go, and this year my wonderful father in law took thomas so me and luke could ride for a couple of hours. It was so fun. I mean I'm no cowgirl, but who wouldn't love riding a horse in the beautiful country of mountain view. It was awesome.

This is Thomas, Luke, and Bryn watching the guys count the cows.
Me and my love just lounging. Waiting to get riding.
Thomas and his Grandpa W. Thomas loved riding the horses. He will be a great cowboy!
Thomas riding by himself.

He loved watching the cows. This is the face of one happy little boy!
Thomas with some of his bestest cousins. Keston and Bryn-- Now those are some real cowboys!
So there it is Thomas' first Round-UP. It was so fun! Can't wait to do it again next year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just a little something I was proud of!!

So here it is! My crafty side!! haha. My SIL had a beautiful baby girl and for her baby shower I was asked to do the diaper cake, well the bottom part- my other SIL did an awesome fondant cake for the top, but I don't have a final picture, anyhow I was kind of proud of how it turned out. I was nervous about a diaper cake for a couple of reasons--- first is i've never found them to be super cute, no offense if you do, but i hadn't and second of all i don't claim to be very crafty. However with my sisters suggestion of material instead of ribbons and a million little trinkets I feel like it turned out pretty cute. Anyway, Like I said just a little something I'm proud of. haha.
Luke told me I needed a picture outside cause the lighting inside wasn't very good. And I can't believe I let him take a picture of me looking like this. haha. Anyway look at the beautiful cake, not at me.