Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Beautiful Little MacKenna Jane

I don't think as a mother is gets much better than this!!! My two love bugs snuggling on the couch. And yes I said 2 love bugs! We had our precious little baby! On mar 8 we welcomed MacKenna Jane Walburger 7lbs 15 oz! And seriously as sweet as can be!!! And Thomas loves her even more than I thought he would.

Our first morning all home together! Thomas was so excited to see Mack! He kept leaning and giving her big kisses! This picture makes me so happy! The 3 greatest loves of my life!
Her first bath! She doesn't love it obviously! haha!

Me and MacKenna heading home from the hospital. And I just had a baby, so don't judge me! haha.
Here we are the family of 4! And I'm just noticing I don't have any close pictures of Mack's face. I'll have to get on that!
We couldn't be any happier! It's been so fun to be home and snuggle our little one and to see Thomas love his little sister so much! He will be such an amazing big brother! And I know Mackenna will so look up to her big brother!