Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well Hello Handsome!!!!!
Well it's true my handsome man is 1 year older and definitely wiser!!!!! This year we both turn the big 29!!!! So weird, I feel like we're 21. It has been another fabulous year, then again every year with Luke is a fabulous year! I love so many things about him! And here are just a few!
1. I Love the way he makes me laugh!!!!
2. I Love him for my funner life!!!
3. I Love the way he pretends to be calm and cool, but is giddy on the inside!
4. I Love him for being such and amazing dad to Thomas
5. I Love the way he can make Thomas laugh harder than anyone!
6. I Love that he would do anything for me or anyone for that matter!
7. I Love how much he loves his family! And I love his family
8. I Love how much he loves my family!
9. I Love that he's just a big kid a heart!
10. I Love how safe he makes me feel!
11. I love snuggling him and tucking my feet under his warm legs
12. I Love him for letting me do it!
13. I Love all of our adventures!
14. I Love that he'll try anything once!
15. I love it when he cranks up the radio and tries to sing all the words to Whoop there it is!!
16. I love that he knows when I'm going to cry and will call me out on it!
17. I love it when he hugs me and I know everything will be ok!
18. I love that he will watch girlie reality shows with me and pretend to like them!
19. I Love it when he dances!!!!
20. I Love him for how hard he works to provide for Thomas and I!
21. I Love him for his patience!
22. I Love him for his testimony of the gospel!
23. I Love him for letting me paint my kitchen dark brown!
24. I Love how much he loves hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, quading, riding horses and that he takes the time to do them.
25. I Love it when he puts his hand on my leg!
26. I love it when I know he wants to say something inappropriate!
27. I Love his green eye's!
28. I Love it when he looks a little like a mountain man!!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

hahaha!!! I just love this face! I love this little boy! He makes me smile all day long, well sometimes I frown, but just when i get frustrated. haha. My little Tommy your growing so fast I can't believe it. Two weeks ago you found your voice and your not afraid to use it. I love it. You will talk to us all day. Also two weeks ago you discovered you really, REALLY dislike your carseat which is really really sad. It makes trips in the car not very enticing!. But you have in the last week discovered toys. You really like them, mostly you suck on them, but they keep you entertained for a little while. You are really starting to giggle now, you especially find your daddy super funny...haha so do I. The other morning we were laying in bed and you heard dad snore and you started to laugh really hard, it was so cute. I just fall more and more in love with you everyday. I'm so lucky to be a your mom!!! Thomas I love you!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cali 2010!

So a few months back my husband made me a promise that we could go to cali in february, and I of course jumped on that real quick! And it was so fun! Luke, Thomas, and I all hopped on an airplane and went to visit Thomas' little california cousins, and he loved it!
Here are my boys just landed in LA. He was the best little traveler. He slept through all the flights, and if he was awake he'd just sit there and give us big grins!!! He is the best little baby, but I may be biased, haha!!! Well here is kado and Thomas' first encounter. It was great. Kade loved Thomas and Thomas loved Kade!!!

Kade has a little motorcycle and he kept wanting to give Thomas a little ride.
Thomas thought is was soooooo fun!!!! Thanks kado! Your the greatest big cousin!!!
Here is Claire bear, our future #1 babysitter, with tommy.
And this girl especially loved Thomas she asked if we could trade. She wanted me and Luke to take Kade home and she wanted to keep Thomas. haha. Ella said it a few times, but I don't think she remembers that babies grow up and become KADE! haha.
Cali was so fun. We were lucky enough to be able to go spend the family day holiday at the beach house in oxnard, and it was so nice. The sun was shining and we actually managed to get ourselves some sun.

Just a few of our pictures from the beach house. I always love going to the beach house. It is so beautiful. It's so nice to just walk out the back door and be on the beach. The waves this time of year were really big, so I was a wuss and didn't even attempt to go swimming, but the boys were brave and hopped on body boards and surfed the waves. It was very entertaining to watch!!! haha. And it looked FREEZING!!!! I wasn't even going to pretend to get in the water. haha.
The rest of our trip was awesome. Brett and Shawn and Austin all came down too, so it was a regular old party at Mindy and Matt's. We went to the fashion district got some fabric, watched the olympics cheered on Canada, and had a few late night haagen daaz runs. I love being able to go visit Mindy and her family. I guess if we can't live in the same town, it's nice to be able to get together a couple of times a year. Thanks again Hunters for the fabulous party. We love you!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why we love Winter!!!

Well we took Thomas for his first Ice fishing trip! It was so fun. It was a beautiful day in mountain view and we sure enjoyed it! We bundled Thomas up in a million layers and blankets and he hopped on the quad with grandpa Walburger! Luke rode his snowmobile, he loves riding that thing any chance he can get, and me and Shellee headed out on cross country ski's to meet up with the Bevans'. It was great! We didn't catch anything, but a good fisherman needs patience! haha. That's what JD kept saying. It was pretty cute.

Cross country skiing is awesome! I loved it. The last time we went I didn't like it so much, I was falling all over the place. We were going up hill and it was slushy, at least that's the excuse I'm using for being so terrible the last time! haha. Here's a little shot of the last time I did it. Luke thought it was hilarious!
Then Grandma and Grandpa Walburger said they would watch Thomas while me and luke went for a quick snowmobile ride up in the brush! It was so nice! It was perfect weather. There wasn't tons of snow, but just enough to have some fun. Luke got a kick out of watching me try to drive his sled. He says I turned it into a lawnmower, Ok so I ran over a large patch of small trees, but I couldn't get it to turn, haha. It just topped off our fabulous day. I loved being able to spend time with my hubby doing something we both love. I love you luke for still wanting to have fun with your wifey!!! Your the greatest!