Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baldry's do Banff!

After a Crazy July 1st. The Baldry's loaded up and went to see the beautiful sights of Banff. It was my first time ever visiting Banff, and it did not disappoint! It is gorgeous!

We were a bit of a gong show! We decided that we would eat our Taco in a bag outside the fanciest hotel in Lake Louise. But dinner was delicious and the kiddos had fun and that is all that matters.
The beautiful lake louise! So gorgeous.
I think this is Johnson Canyon. I can't remember. But another beautiful place near lake louise.
Grandma Karie and Grandpa B

We went swimming at the Banff Springs Hotel. It was so fun. And warm. Thomas and Claire loving every minute of it.
Kade telling Thomas a great story I'm sure!
Nash loving Mackenna! Is going to be such a good big brother!
Margaret wanted to wear my sun hat she thought it was so cute. I just love her. She is the cutest. The hat looks way cuter on her for sure!!!!
Banff was so fun. We camped in the Turtle mountain campground. And I can't even say i did camping. Me and the kiddo's stayed in Shawn and Brett's Trailer. It was so great. WE spent the days enjoying all the beautiful scenery of Banff and the nights staying warm by the campfire. Ryan told us a few riddles of course, and we had hot dogs, and smores and all the things not good for you, but it was so fun. I love my family. And I hope we are able to do more trips like this one!

Cute Cousins!

This is the updated this summer picture of the Baldry grandkids! And yes there is already one more! It is so fun! I'm so glad Thomas and Mackenna are blessed to have so many wonderful cousins. They are lucky to have great cousins on both mine and Luke's sides of the family! I think when we first took this picture 3 years ago there was 15 grandkids now there are 21 with 2 more on the way! I have a feeling there grandma is sending them down in large batches!! haha.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Reeder Reunion!

This year since Luke was selling in Edmonton, we were lucky enough to be able to come home for one day of the Reeder family reunion. And it was so worth it! Luke's cousins were so fun and so nice! He always talks about how great they are and how much fun he always had with them growing up so it was so nice to be able to meet a few of them. I mean there were TONS of them, but it was a blast! His aunts family rented the payne lake lodge so on Sunday we went up there to have an awesome dinner put on by luke's uncle and his family! It was so delicious! This is Thomas and Griffin enjoy some delicious ice cream! i'm the not so fun mom that gives my kid vanilla! I know I'm lame! haha.
After dinner we went up to the old Reeder Ranch! It was such a gorgeous night and such a gorgeous piece of land.

Grandma and Grandpa W and all the grandkids!!! Aren't they the best! This is in front of the old Reeder home!