Friday, October 30, 2009

So this week I had a Dr's appointment to check the baby and make sure everything is going peachy. So I was a little nervous cause I had talked to my friend who was a nurse at the office we were going to and she said they see 5-10 cases of people with the H1N1 virus and their clinic. And I really, REALLY did not want to catch it. So the day before my still lovingly protective father recommended I wear a mask to my appointment. So we walk in the clinic to check in and my husband, who always likes to see what kind of reaction he can get out of people, states we need to masks before entering the clinic. Kindly the ladies at the receptionist desk give us two masks. Then of course I'm all self conscious thinking people will think we have this dreaded disease and they will quarentene us. Of course Luke throws the mask on and sits in the waiting room waiting for our nurse to call on us. I threw mine on strictly for a picture, much to my husbands dismay. He even threatened to call my Father!!!!! haha. It was a fun visit to the doctors office. That's one of the many reasons I love my man. He is always looking for ways to make me laugh. How I got so lucky I'll never know. 
Well it's hard to believe that halloween is this weekend. I feel like we did more last week to celebrate the blessed holiday. Last friday we went to Ryan and Sara-beth's house and had a spooktacular party. It was so fun. Sara and Ryan really do know how to throw a party. I told Luke hopefully one day we're as full of parties as they are. It was so fun. All the neices and nephews and neighborhood children were dressed up in their cute, or scary costumes. Me and luke were not prepared, but thanks to sara-beth and her family I was a bump on a log. haha. apparently it's what the pregnant girls are at halloween. Thanks sara. I felt a part of the party. The kids carved pumpkins and we ate and ate and ate. Nothing like sara-beth's caramel apples. They are GOURMET!!!!! 
 The next day Luke and I took the Baldry kids out to the Bevan's for another halloween/birthday party for Briggs and Griffin. And Lynz threw another wicked good party. Lots of yummy food and also pumpkin carving. haha. apparently all I need is food and I'm happy at a party. haha. Luke carved a pumpkin with caroline and I attempted to help reuben and ava carve a couple of pumpkins. haha. I'm not too artistic. I can't even trace and cut out a ghost, but ava thought it was sweet. haha.
  Kerri and Keston with their masterpeices!
 The Walburger's hard at work.
 The Bevan's showing their artistic side. 
 The Baldry's trying to decide what makes a winning pumpkin!!!!
 Everybody's hard work paid off. Those are some nice looking pumpkins!!!!! 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The renovations

Since we've been home me and Luke have been living back and forth between our parents houses. It has been nice to have a place to stay. Dad and Karie have been doing some serious renovations to the house and it looks great!!! It's been fun to live amongst the renovations and see the daily changes. It is getting so close. Anyway these are some pictures of the house so far. 

California!!!! Loves to party!!!

The month of september was luckily for me spent mostly in the Golden state of California. I went and spent 10 days babysitting mindy and matt's kids so they could go to Rome,  I was super jealous they got to go to rome, but I got to see how I would do if I instantly had 4 kids. haha. I discovered treats go a long way. It was actually pretty fun, and mindy and matt have 4 pretty good kids. 

After 10 days of hunting my handsome husband showed up on the hunter's doorstep looking something like this. Everyday was a new bearded surprise.
 this was day 2 the goatee!!! 

Luke's sister Lynz and her husband Jake came too. It was really fun. We went shopping lots and lots! Our men were pretty good sports too. We also got to go to a dodgers game and sit basically on the field with the fist baseman. It was really fun. 
This is day 3! The handlebar mustache. My little cowboy in the big city. haha. I love it. 

This is us at the dodgers game. Thanks jake for finding the sweet tickets!!!!!

California was so fun. I love going to visit there. I love being able to see mindy, matt and their family, and love being where it's warm. Oh and the shopping isn't too bad either. Thanks mindy and matt for letting us crash your place and for all the good food, nothing better than breakfast burritos!!! haha. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The beginnings of blogging.......


We just set up our blog, and we are so excited we can't even stand it!!!!  Now we can be friends and have a social connection with all of you that have such exciting lives and are sharing it with us that we enjoy so muuuuch.  Soooo ya I am expecting my first child in 7 weeks and we can hardly wait for this ball full of joy to enter into our lives.  My tummy is, you can say, growing and i love to see it get rounder so does my husband... he is wonderful.  He takes me hunting all day in the truck and is teaching me how to be a provider.  He even bought me a fleece burber camo coat, for all of you who don't know what it is it is just plain sweet ok!!! Its warm and soft and warm and it even fits over my tummy.  So a lot of people have been wondering what I have been doing.  Well let me tell you.....blankets, blankets, and blankets.  I am making these super soft chenille blankets which retail for over $80 and i am making them for much less. ha ha I am actually consulting with my business partners before I launch them on the web.  Life is great though. Well this is enough for my first blog i will for sure be updating this shortly.  Oh and I love my husband.