Tuesday, January 3, 2012

South Castle

This summer we were lucky enough to come home and be able to go camping with Luke's family. It was so fun. It was real live camping. We squished our little family of 4 into a little tent made for two and it was COZY!!! haha, we have since bought one much bigger so we can sleep a little better, and a little warmer. But it was gorgeous up there. The days were still super warm so there was lots of swimming, fishing, horse riding, quading, and sitting around warm fires! I decided after this camping trip that Luke's family knows how to survive in the wilderness. And we didn't just survive we dined like kings!!! Seriously awesome.

Here's what these kids loved to do! Every morning the adults would graze the horses and soon enough these adorable little faces would show up for a ride! It was adorable. Thomas didn't understand that the horse would actually kick him. We spent a lot of the time chasing him away from the horses.
Every morning we would sit by a warm fire and have a delicious breakfast. Mackenna didn't have much for warm stuff, this is the best we had and the mornings were pretty cold too. But look how happy she is!!!! This is Mackenna with Grandma W......They are twins!!! Mackenna is lucky enough to be beautiful like her grandma!!! It's adorable. Everything about her looks just like Shellee! It's more apparent when mackenna is grinning too!!
Oh and Tommy just loving the pup! This pup was very patient with Thomas. He could wrestle around with him and he didn't bite him surprisingly! Seriously don't you think he needs a dog?!!!!!! He loves dogs! It's so fun! But this little family just might not be ready for another baby to take care of!!!
There was lots and lots of this!! Husbands picking up their wives, and whoever else was close, and dunking them in the FREEZING cold river water!!! It was so cold. Take your breath away cold!!! But it made the day pretty exciting!!! This was Justin and Janelle.
This was me and my loving husband after he had tossed me into the freezing river! I did put up a good fight, but he's pretty strong!!!
Tommy loved the river and throwing rocks in the river. If I couldn't find him he was either at the river or with the horses. Two very safe places for a toddler to be!
And fishing! The boys fished for hours. They got lots of big ones. This was the one they had fished for for quite some time. Briggs was pretty excited about it!!!
The adults did get to go horseback riding up to Grizzley lake too. I don't have any pictures for some reason. I guess I'll have to find some. But it was great. We spend the day fishing or just laying in the sun staying warm. Thanks to GRandma and Grandpa for watching all of the kids so we could go.

So there you have it. My first real camping trip with the Walburger's. And it was so fun. We loved it. The sleeping arrangements could use some improvement, but all in all it was so great.


  1. You are brave to take your littles camping. Way to go!!! Looks like so much fun. And you guys are pretty fun wives to be okay with getting tossed in the freezing cold river! Love it when you update the blog!

  2. Um, did you get pneumonia after going in that river? I'm freezing for you! I can see you laughing though. Love you!