Monday, April 30, 2012

Hollywood Half Marathon!

I had been telling my Hubby for a few months that i needed to start running, but I needed a race to motivate me. My Husband being the wonderful man he is found this fun race in Hollywood. We started training I think in February and the race was Apr 7, and I hadn't been running AT ALL! So i was super nervous about training. I knew I could cross the finish line....... I just didn't want to be last. And Thanks so my awesome hubby, and a few weekends Brett's awesome hubby, we were able to train and feel pretty good at the end of it all. Me and Brett were both pleasantly surprised how good we felt.

 Race day was a GONG show!! As most race mornings are. We had opted out of staying at a hotel, because it was only a 40 minute drive from my sisters, but we were not expecting the crowd that showed up for the race. We got to the general area an hour before the race and ended up starting the race 20 minutes late. The race was supposed to be capped at 5000 people and we found out after that there was 10000 people doing the race. IT WAS CRAZY!!! So many people. They actually ran out of cups at mile 7 so we would just cup our hands and they would pour the water in. It was pretty funny. Minus the few little quirks the race was so fun! We loved it! I loved being able to run the race with Brett! She is a fun running partner. We popped in our headphones and listened to our awesome Rock my run mixes and encouraged each other every mile. And we have about the same pace so it works really good.  And the best part was my handsome hubby and 2 beautiful children waiting at the finish line!!
They even pulled out the red carpet for us!!
        Even though we were 20 minutes starting we had to get a picture!!! Too bad it's so dark.
                                                       And yes Elvis ran the race!


  1. Way to go, lady! Another half under your belt, and what a fun place to do one! You do so much traveling, so fun!

  2. Look at you hotties! Way to go girlies I love ya,

  3. You da BOMB dot com! That's soo awesome Steph! Wat 2 GO!

  4. Way to go Brett and Steph! It looks like a fun race. I need to get motivated and do a race too!

    ps this isn't stachemaster (kyle) its Zoe :)

  5. Way to go Steph! That sounds and looks like so much fun!!!

  6. love your bright matching running shirts and love that you had to drink out of your hands! haha congrats on another race chickee - you look amazing :)