Tuesday, October 30, 2012

newfoundland may 2012

So this summer we were lucky enough to be able to move to St John's newfoundland, and let me tell you it was AMAZING!!! I have never had a huge desire to travel to the East Coast of Canada, but I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful place Newfoundland is, and the awesome people that live there.

This picture was from the first day. Me and the kids went exploring while luke went and did some work stuff, and I was amazed. This is from the top of signal hill. From what I understand Signal hill was a lot of things. There were lots of remants from wars which were really cool, and it also had a big tower at the top where the first telephone signal from st johns to ireland was discovered. 

 We went for a little hike mackenna in my Ergo carrier and thomas walking and I wished I had gotten a picture of the stairs we had to climb, but there was a ton!! People kept wondering if I had lost my marbles, but Thomas was loving the hike around and I was too.....until we lost the car keys. We had started hiking back up and I realized half way up that I had lost the keys and had to hike back down. The nicest lady from Quebec helped me look around for about 45min. Then right as I was about to call luke to my rescue he called me and said a man was waiting at the top with the keys so hurry to the top!!!! hahahahahaha. Seriously I'm talking hundreds of stairs straight up!! So I hurried as fast as my little legs would go and ended up carrying both the munchkins for the majority of it. It was an interesting first adventure for us!! haha. But worth the view!

 We lived right downtown and in may it was kind of a ghost town so I was able to get some pretty cool pictures of the old buildings.
 We got to see an iceberg! Crazy! There were lots out a ways, but this was the first we got see one close. I guess thrill seekers go climb around on them.....we just weren't feeling crazy that day I guess!! haha.
 Quidi Vidi village It was such a cute little place. Seriously a piece of heaven.
 Some of the crazy color houses. It was one of my favorite things about living downtown was to walk around and see all of the houses. It made me want to paint my house yellow or aqua!
 St Patricks church was right behind our house. Such a beautiful old church.
 The ducks at Bowring park. WE LOVED this place. We went there at least 3 times a week if not everyday. It was a beautiful park with lots to do and my kids and I could spend the whole day there.
 The Bevans' finally got here and it was the best part of our summer. MY kids sure loved having them around and I loved getting to know them better and loving each and every one of their personalities. They are such fun little boys!
 The beautiful Tulips at the park, my kids of course had to pick a few. Little stinkers!
 Swimming at Topsail Beach we loved it! Well I never got in, but the kids sure loved it.
 Costco did face painting and Thomas was my ferocious lion! He loved it hasn't stopped growling since.
 The 3 loves of my life!

 My little duck whisperer! When it was cold and we had duck food every duck in the pond would flock to us. It was my kids favorite thing to do by far!!! Every day Thomas would ask to feed the ducks.
 Hahahahahah. Seriously the cutest little girl EVER!! I sure love her and all her spunky personality!


  1. So where are you now? Did I miss that part? Seriously you've got some strong legs, and serious ambition!!! Those cliffs look like death! Your kids are lucky, lucky to have you... Love ya!

  2. Kellie we are back in Alberta. We were just in Newfoundland from may to September.

  3. Hi to the Walburgers, it Looks like you folks are having fun. Tell Luke hi from Rod Forsyth a very old friend, who is now in Texas.